Clinical Aesthetics

Clinical Aesthetics

Aesthetics is beauty, and it is easy to understand why we seek certain treatments, services or enhancements to make us feel beautiful. So where do you go? What service should you seek? Santé Group HealthCare has the answers that fit your needs!

Clinical aesthetics is the practice of using clinical skin care lines, products and/or equipment to treat skin concerns safely and effectively.
Some skin concerns may include mild acne, superficial pigmentation issues, clogged pores, uneven skin texture, and so forth. Our Santé Group HealthCare professionals possess years of hands-on experience, and have taken numerous aesthetic training courses on the specific treatments we offer.

Santé Group HealthCare Clinical aestheticians can provide clinical facials to rejuvenate, smooth out and tighten the skin, they can perform extraction on the face during a facial, and they are certified to perform other procedures, such as lash services, brow tinting, face and full body waxing, and threading.

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