With over 30 years of Canadian expertise and manufacturing, our prescription orthotics are made using state-of-the-art 3-D scanning, capturing the most accurate digital image of your foot for the best fit possible, with the most advanced German engineered orthotic material available in the world today.

Prescription orthotics are custom-made foot and arch supports designed not only to fit your foot and fit comfortably in your shoes or footwear, but to correct abnormal foot function and relieve pain. Orthotics are commonly used to address foot and lower limb issues, and to help control pain from conditions like heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and knee pain. That’s why the fit is so important. And a good fit comes from accurate casting.

Starts with innovative 3-D Orthogenics Mobile Scanning

Santé Group HealthCare uses Orthogenics mobile scanning – an innovative 3-D foot scanning solution that captures thousands of measurements to create a highly-accurate, digital casting of your foot. We make incredible 3-D images with remarkable accuracy and reproducibility.  We take additional scans and photos of your footwear to create orthotics that can be custom designed specifically for your favourite shoes.

Made with German-engineered EVA Orthotic Material

Using a 3-D scan of your foot as a guide, our orthotics are precision-crafted from proprietary blocks of German-engineered EVA (an elastomeric polymer) using CNC milling machines. EVA is the same material used in the multi-billion-dollar running shoe industry and is now widely used in the orthopaedic footwear industry because of its light weight and superior shock absorbing properties.

See us today for your custom-made orthotics. We will assess your lower limb biomechanics, any clinical concerns, customize your personal aesthetic preferences, custom design your advanced prescription orthotic for each unique foot and carefully handcraft each orthotic with German engineered EVA material combined with extensive Canadian experience and craftsmanship.

Your orthotics will be lightweight and sleek, hypoallergenic, attractive and odour resistant.

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Will wearing orthotics correct my foot problem?

Orthotics will not change the underlying structure of the foot, but they will control the position and motion of your foot. This can help prevent the development of pain, disability, and even additional deformity. If you don’t wear your orthotics, the abnormal function will return. In this sense they are like prescription eyeglasses, if you remove them, you can no longer properly see or read or drive effectively.

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Are special orthotics required for sports?

Sports such as running, basketball, high-impact aerobics, tennis, racquet sports, and baseball to name just a few, all involve considerable ground impact. Santé Group HealthCare orthotics are fabricated using the most resilient materials which dissipate some of this force. Santé Group HealthCare orthotics can be used for everyday activities and will easily fit in running and walking shoes, as well as in dress and casual shoes. Santé Group HealthCare orthotics are good for all your activities, including sports that involve excessive impact on the feet, regular everyday use in casual shoes, important meetings and work when wearing dress shoes, walking the dog, gardening, dancing in the rain and for going out with friends to have fun.  We’re there for you.  We’ll make sure you’re comfortable all day long.

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